Bonsai Doesn't Have To Be Scary

By learning solid basic techniques you will be able to have a deeper understanding of Bonsai and the Techniques that are performed. Here at Bonsai-En we don't just teach broad blanket techniques, We teach a proper understanding of why we perform the work we do so you can make your own decisions based on your situation.

Bonsai Mindset Pre Course Lesson

Get your head in the right space with this free 20 minute Pre Course Lesson on Bonsai Mindset to help you understand the importance of good foundational knowledge.


A Proper Curriculum Is Key

When learning a new skill online most of the time you have to try and find your own content and this can make learning difficult. Here at Bonsai-En we create curriculums that are made to take you through the steps in the correct order to make learning easier. Learn new skills as you need them and don't get overloaded with information you don't need yet. Learn the foundations before you build on your knowledge any further.

Bonsai Tools

Learn about the basic bonsai tools and their application to working on Bonsai, We discuss all the basic tools needed, Variations of tools, Steel Types and Quality.

Bonsai Material

Learn about the different stages of Bonsai Material including seeds, saplings, starter stock, nursery stock / pre bonsai and Bonsai. Understand how we treat each of these pieces of material and the work that might be carried out.

Learn Proper Bonsai Techniques

Learn all the fundamental techniques for Bonsai including Positioning, Watering, Pruning, Feeding, Wiring and Tree Protection. Once you understand these fundamentals your skills will improve immediately.

Bonsai Soils

Learn about Organic and Inorganic soils and their uses for Bonsai, We also teach how to create your own bonsai mix based off your environment and tree types. Get a solid basic understanding of Bonsai Soils.

Bonsai Potting

Don't be confused again by learning the wrong techniques for the type of potting work you are doing, We discuss the differences between Re-Potting, Slip Potting and Potting up to refinement while also touching on some of the basic work carried out for each.

5 Basic Styles Of Bonsai

Learn the 5 Basic Styles of Bonsai and the characteristics that make these styles what they are. These 5 styles are what all other styles in Bonsai are built from so knowing these fundamentals will start you on your Bonsai Design Journey.

Basic Pot Choice

Being able to pair the right tree to the right pot is just as critical to the composition then anything else we do. We discuss some of the basic choices we need to make for pots including Masculine vs Feminine, Shape, Glazed vs Unglazed and Colour Choice.

Sample Lesson

This is an excerpt taken from the wiring section of the beginners course.


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Bonsai Beginners Course


The Bonsai-En Beginners Course is the most solid foundation to beginning bonsai available. Josh will take you through all the fundamentals to understanding the work that is carried out in bonsai but more importantly why. This course will teach you how to make decisions for yourself rather then teaching blanket techniques. If you're ready to take Bonsai Seriously then this course is for you!

Meet Your Teacher

Josh is the Owner and Founder of Bonsai-En, Most people will probably know Josh from the Bonsai-En YouTube channel where he shares basic lessons on Bonsai Techniques and hosts Q&A sessions and Bonsai Critiques. Josh is also the host of the Modern Bonsai Podcast which has enabled Josh to talk with some of the best artists from around the world and make knowledge more accessible for everybody. Josh is well known for his teaching style which is praised for its presentation and easy explanations which allows people to learn quicker and retain information.